How To Choose The Right Sponsorship Package

How To Choose The Right Sponsorship Package

Sponsorship offers companies the possibility of achieving several goals at once including brand loyalty, product awareness and visibility, and increase in sales. To achieve optimal results however, it is crucial to ensure that the sponsorships you choose align with your marketing strategy.

Instead of randomly selecting any event, you really want to know if the right attendees will be present and if your investment will yield the highest possible return. Here are a few strategic questions to consider when choosing a sponsorship package.

Image Compatibility

  • Does the sponsorship cultivate the image we are trying to establish?
  • Are the cosponsors companies with which we want to be associated?

Audience Composition

  • What groups make up the core audience? What are their buying habits?
  • Does the audience feel a strong sense of identification with the theme of the event that will potentially lead to sales, or is it a casual relationship?

Ability To Leverage

  • Can we integrate the sponsorship into our existing promotional campaigns?
  • Can we collaborate with cosponsors and expand our reach through cross-promotions?
  • Will the sponsorship provide extra visibility in other parts of the business?
  • Are there opportunities to survey the audience and access key consumer trends?


  • Is the sponsorship appealing in a positive way to the media?
  • Can we get our presence recognised?
  • Will there be broadcast and print coverage?

Ease Of Administration

  • Can the organisers deliver what they promise? Are they responsive to sponsor needs?
  • Do we have the staff to properly administer the sponsorship?


  • Does the sponsorship deliver a wide range of audience?
  • What is the relationship between the cost of sponsorship and the value received?
  • Could we achieve the same results more cost-efficiently through other media?

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